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Today, we are excited to announce the expansion of product offerings to Base. Built on Optimism’s OP Stack and incubated by Coinbase, Base aims to bring a billion users on-chain and we’re thrilled to support that vision.

Layer 2 solutions alleviate the congestion on the Ethereum mainnet, enabling us to provide a seamless and more efficient trading experience even during peak periods.

With this integration, you can now enjoy the smooth UX of using three L2 solutions: Arbitrum, Optimism, and now Base.

In particular, we introduce the support for AAVE v3 Borrow and Multiply for Base today AAVE v3 Borrow and Multiply. This will combine cheaper transaction costs from L2 with world-class UX to manage and monitor position and the ability to bridge to Base straight from any supported network.

"We are thrilled to be joining Base network's incredible growth and with the support of the most respected exchange behind and being one of the most trusted apps to deploy capital to DeFi we believe layer 2s are ready for the next step of the market" said Chris Bradbury CEO of

What does it mean for you?

With this release:

  1. The simplest & intuitive management of Multiply and Borrow positions is now accessible to you on Base 
  2. The easiest way to monitor Multiply and Borrow positions in DeFi is now accessible on Base 
  3. Lower Fees, Lower Fees, Lower Fees!

You can go directly to and change network to Base to join the Summer experience and get your DeFi Superpowers on Base. 

“We’re very happy to welcome into the Base ecosystem. Their commitment to efficiency and lower fees, as well as their ease of use through automations and other product features aligns with our mission to bring a billion users onchain.”Armand Khatri, DeFi Lead of Base

Getting help

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