It's Time to Multiply with Morpho Blue

It's Time to Multiply with Morpho Blue

Today, we’re adding Multiply to our suite of products built on top of Morpho Blue. 

As the CHEAPEST alternative in the market, using Multiply on is the only way to go! Why?

With just a few clicks and a smooth, intuitive slider, you can increase or decrease your exposure to the asset of your choice using Morpho Blue in the back; all the markets listed in Morpho Blue are available on

What can you do?

With this new addition to Multiply, you can select to increase your exposure to any listed asset in Morpho Blue, just in the same way as you do with Multiply for other protocols

Without leaving Summer, you can enter a position with any supported collateral, select the multiplier, and open a long position with just a few clicks.

After creating your position, you can increase or decrease your risk, or multiplier, without depositing or withdrawing more collateral. 

Multiply Finder

What are the costs? has the cheapest fees in the market. For correlated assets such as LSTs or sDAI/USDC, the fee is only 0.2% of the net value charged annually. So, if you open a correlated asset position and close it after 6 months, you’ll only pay 0.1%.

This fee model makes the best alternative to using Morpho Blue. Actions on non-correlated assets pay a fee of 0.2% on every swap. For more information about fees you can visit our documentation:

Morpho Blue is now #BetterOnSummer

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