The simplest way to earn $RAYS with the best protocols

The simplest way to earn $RAYS with the best protocols

Earn yield from the highest quality protocols in DeFi and compound your crypto capital.

At we recently launched our $RAYS campaign, the points program for using the very best protocols in DeFi.

Over the coming weeks we will be exploring a simple question “what is the best way to earn $RAYS on for me?”

While there are many ways to earn $RAYS on, and there is no best way per se. We will explore all the ways that you can earn $RAYS on

The simplest way to earn $RAYS, on… Yield!

The very best protocols are on, though it’s not always the right moment in the market to utilize them to Borrow, Multiply add Automations to earn $RAYS.

That’s why earning yield with DeFi’s very best protocols is the simplest way to get started earning $RAYS on

5 Ways to Earn Sustainable Yield, and get $RAYS

1. Easy to manage yield with Metamorpho

With metamorpho positions, compounding your capital is simple and secure. With yields for the highest quality stablecoin’s and crypto assets, it is a great place to start earning rays.

2. Boosted stablecoin yield with yield loops

Whether you are interested in boosting the native return of a yield bearing asset like sDAI or you want to boost the amount of points you receive for holding an asset like USDe. Yield loops on make boosting stablecoin yield as simple as one transaction.

3. Boosted ETH staking yield with yield loops

The staking yield of Ether is thought by many to be DeFi’s risk free rate. A straightforward strategy practiced in DeFi is Multplying on the staking rate by by providing the staked asset as collateral and borrowing ETH against it. ETH yield loops make it easy to do.

4. Boosted exposure to Eigenlayer points

A much anticipated event of this cycle is the drop of EIGEN, the eigenlayer token. Some, want to be able to boost their exposure to Eigenlayer points by Multiplying up on Liquid Restaking tokens. Once again, makes it easy.

5. Earning DeFi’s safest yield, while earning $RAYS

Last but not least is the DAI savings rate. One of the most, if not the safest yield in DeFi. Ofcourse, on you can access it, but also have other top protocols and strategies at your finger tips.

Learn more about earning on and getting rewarded in $RAYS on

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