Swap your position within Summer.fi

Swap your position within Summer.fi

In this second phase, we are unveiling its full potential in the second phase of the Position swap. You can now swap from virtually any protocol supported on Summer.fi. Ajna is an exception due to its different architecture. Additionally, with Maker, you can swap from it, even though swapping to it isn't available.

Aave to Morpho? Morpho to Aave? Maker to Spark? Spark to Aave? Yes, you can swap all of them and more!

Position Swap

Why should I use Position Swap instead of switching manually?

Using Position Swap helps save on transaction costs, including gas fees and swap costs like price impact, slippage, and Summer.fi fees. You can save time and gas by needing fewer transactions for protocol swaps.

Switching protocols allows users to always be in the best position. Now you can quickly switch between protocols to get the best rates, LTV’s or APY! We display the best alternatives to switch depending on your needs.

What happens under the hood?

Our Position Swap feature is powered by flashloans and smart contracts. It closes your existing position and opens a new one using a different protocol, including necessary swaps for collateral and/or debt tokens. This ensures a seamless transition between positions, all done in the background for convenience.

Summer.fi' focuses on user-friendliness and efficiency. Our UI provides detailed comparisons of rates, loan-to-value ratios, and protocols before initiating a swap, offering an amazing experience while doing this transaction.

More information on the blog post of our first release to Position Swap:

Swap your position from Maker to Spark in 1-tx
We release Position Swap feature to simplify managing positions across various DeFi protocols.

Getting in touch

If you have any questions regarding Summer.fi, contact us at support@summer.fi or our social media.




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