Bull market strategies: When should you use Multiply on Summer.fi?

Bull market strategies: When should you use Multiply on Summer.fi?

When should you consider Multiply?

If you know nothing about Multiply, you can learn why you should consider Investing in this bull market here.

But assuming you know what Multiply is, when should you consider it this bull market?

Fundamentally, Multiplying is about amplifying your exposure to an asset. So, the number thing you should consider when Multiplying is simple:

Do you believe that collateral will increase in value relative to your debt, after opening the position?

That might seem like an overly simple question to ask yourself about knowing when to open a Multiply position, but it is profound if you think about it.


  1. Why do you feel that your collateral is currently undervalued?
  2. How much do you expect your collateral to increase relative to your debt?
  3. Under what time frame do you believe your collateral to increase relative to your debt? (short, medium, long term)

Before explain opening a Multiply position, you should be able to answer all of these questions.

The bull market is here

It’s highly likely that the bull market is here. In one of our previous posts, we explain why we think that might be the case.

A key concept of that post, entitled, “How can Summer.fi help you take advantage of the bull market” is the notion of “Having an idea of where we are in the cycle" (and how to act accordingly).

When it comes to Multiplying on Summer.fi during a bull market, the seemingly simple question:

Are we in the beginning, middle, or final stages of this bull market cycle?

It is one of the most important questions you need to answer before opening a position, and it will inform how you use Summer.fi to your greatest advantage.

When Multiplying throughout the bull market, the time horizon is critical

As expressed above, your estimation of…

  1. Where we are in the bull market (Beginning, middle and end).
  2. Your time frame for your collateral to increase relative to your debt (short, medium or long-term)

will heavily influence how you Multiply on Summer.fi. Below are a few mental models to consider before opening your position that might help you determine your strategy.

Multiply vault’s to consider:

  1. Morpho wsTETH/USDC: Isolated pairs reduce protocol risks as the bull market carries on
  2. AAVE ETH/USDC on Base: Lower fee’s from a bluechip protocol so transactions cost you less throughout the bull market.
  3. Spark ETH/DAI: Earn SPK rewards while multiplying over the long term through out the bull market.

Automation’s to consider:

  1. Stop Loss: Protect against liquidations and losses all throughout the bull market.
  2. Auto Buy: Capture market moves within risk parameters and price thresholds set buy you.
  3. Auto Take Profit: Automate your exit strategy from day 1 early in the bull market, and gradually realize profits, automatically.

Open your multiply position: www.summer.fi/multiply

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