Boost your positions with on L2s

Boost your positions with on L2s

Good morning, Summer enthusiasts!

Just as Ethereum continues to evolve, so does With our L2 support, your transactions become remarkably faster and more cost-effective!

Imagine your wallet wearing a Jetpack; this is using on L2s feels πŸš€

Scaling New Heights with L2s and Multiply

L2s have become an Ethereum sensation lately, and rightfully so. Their scalability and cost reductions are transforming the game. Using the power of L2s gives you unparalleled high-speed capabilities, slashing transaction costs by over 40x.

Say goodbye to excessive gas fees!

With the boost from our L2s enhancement, you can amplify both your long and short positions, fully integrating the best of our curated list of protocols and features into our platform.

Explore the full alternatives list here:

Our L2s products offer:

  • Rapid and user-friendly management of Multiply positions.
  • A streamlined app for overseeing transactions.
  • A substantial cut in gas fees.
  • Features like one-click actions and an adjustable slider to navigate with ease.

What can you do?

1. Borrow with Aave v3 on L2s

Our support of Aave v3 on L2s significantly enhances your borrowing experience. Deposit collateral and draw debt without being burdened by high gas fees and in a single transaction. Our range from ETH/USDC to cbETH/USDC ensures you have all the needed options.

2. Multiply on Arbitrum and Optimism

You might be curious about the benefits L2 brings to your positions. For instance, you can now engage in cost-effective strategies on L2 that aren't feasible on L1, such as executing small daily transactions with Summer Multiply for DCA.

Multiply on Arbitrum and Optimism

By utilizing flash loans from Balancer on Optimism, Multiply enables all of this. This method offers users a streamlined and effective journey, merging the Multiply feature with the affordability and rapidity of L2 scaling techniques.

We steadfastly believe in self-custody, empowering you to amplify your exposure to the tokens you possess at a substantially reduced expense compared to the Ethereum mainnet.

Experience the distinct offerings of, like the One-Click Multiply, a versatile slider, and significantly reduced gas expenditures.

Grab your jetpack, and start your journey on L2s with!

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