The story of DeFi's original frontend

The story of DeFi's original frontend

Hi there! Today, we're thrilled to share our story with you — a journey that has shaped us into one of the leading dApps in the ecosystem.

The Early days, a renowned leader in DeFi, has an inspiring story to share — a journey of transformation and innovation that began in 2016.

In its early days, known as OasisDEX, was more than a mere platform. It represented a dream and a vision for what DeFi could become. At this very early stage of DeFi, OasisDEX wasn't just taking part in the industry but actively shaping it.

One of the first interfaces

Transforming into

One exciting turn in this journey came with its transformation into, a standalone entity following the complete decentralization of Maker. This pivotal move underscored its mission: to build and become the most trusted app for deploying capital in DeFi.

Over the years, has grown beyond a mere front-end for Maker. Embracing innovation, it has integrated new protocols into its suite, ensuring that users can always access the most efficient and cutting-edge DeFi solutions.


Say hello to! Our team selected a name to represent ease, liveliness, and a welcoming environment. This name aligns with our fundamental principles of providing a reliable and effortless gateway for DeFi, effective in varying market situations. The imagery associated with is one of brilliant sunlight, joy, and tranquility, encapsulating the kind of experience we offer you.

Dedicated to user convenience and efficiency, introduced features like Automations and 1-click strategies. These innovations empower users to maximize their asset exposure with minimal effort.

Continuing this path, has been incorporating novel protocols on top of the well-known Maker, such as Aave, Spark, Ajna, and Morpho Blue. This demonstrates its ongoing commitment to staying at the edge of DeFi innovation. today

As evolves, its core mission remains the same: to be the most trusted name for deploying capital in DeFi. From its beginnings as OasisDEX to its current shape, every step of its journey is a testament to its commitment to trust, innovation, and its users.

We'd love to extend our gratitude to our user community for being an integral part of this incredible journey and invite everyone to stay tuned for more updates as it continues to explore and expand the horizons of DeFi.

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