The best way to find your next DeFi Product

The best way to find your next DeFi Product

If you hold assets on-chain, there is something in DeFi for you. But today it can be tough to find the right DeFi product for you.

  • Can you trust the protocol?
  • Do I have to manage all these positions my self?
  • Does the app support the assets I like?
  • Is there enough liquidity for what I want?

These are but a few of the questions that we hear from users, and that we ourselves, as DeFi users find continue to ask.

All the searching and confusion ends now and with the release of our Improved Product Finder: The best place to find the right DeFi product for you.


DeFi Strategy Tabs: Focused on the outcomes you are looking for

Whether you like staking yield, token rewards or something in between. Our new DeFi strategy tabs make it easy to navigate quickly to the outcomes you care about most.


Position Tags: No more second-guessing what is best for you

In DeFi, it's easy to have doubts, and it's even easier to get lost in the noise. Tags make it easy to streamline what you care about most.


Automation icons: Game changer DeFi position management, clear for you to see

Did you know that has some of the best DeFI automation tools available? Probably not. Today that changes with clear icons on all positions, so that you can choose positions ready to ape into the automations that help you take advantage of the bull market.


Liquidity Slider: Tailored for big or small and everything in between

There’s nothing worse than finding a position and then realizing there is insufficient liquidity for you. The new liquidity slider on the product finder makes seeing only what makes sense for you simple.


Help Guides: DeFI guidance, when and where you need it most

Borrowing, Multiplying and Earning. It can be challenging to know everything about everything. That's why we’ve listened carefully to your questions and made guides that help you get started in context, when, and where you need it most.


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