Using Spark on Latest Developments and Features

Using Spark on Latest Developments and Features

For a few months now, revolutionized your DeFi experience by integrating with Spark, offering an array of opportunities for you. From leveraging Spark's unique benefits in various token pairs to introducing innovative features like Stop-Loss Protection, is set to enhance your Spark experience.

So, why should you use Spark on's integration with Spark Protocol includes an expanded range of token pairs, significantly enhancing your current options. You can Deposit & Borrow in one click, Multiply your exposure to a single asset, or just lay back and relax while you Earn.

There have been major Governance updates lately:

  • wstETH and rETH supply caps have substantially increased to 800,000 wstETH and 80,000 rETH respectively.
  • Furthermore, Spark has extended its offerings to include the wBTC market for Borrow and Multiply, opening up more diverse investment opportunities.

Advanced Security with Stop-Loss Protection

A standout feature is the well-known Stop-Loss Protection for Spark positions on This tool mitigates risks by automatically closing your position if the loan-to-value (LTV) ratio hits a predetermined level, protecting you from market volatility and potential liquidations. This feature emphasizes safety in your positions, ensuring peace of mind amidst the unpredictable nature of crypto assets.

You can learn more about Stop-Loss in our Knowledge Base:

Innovative sDAI Yield Loop Strategy

The introduction of the sDAI Yield Loop strategy is a major highlight. This strategy allows for borrowing against USDC and USDT, potentially yielding higher returns than the standard Dai Savings Rate (DSR) when the borrowing cost is favorable. It's a sophisticated approach that amplifies your exposure to sDAI, enabling up to 12x multiplier effects on your investments with an estimated APY of up to 8-9%, depending on market conditions.

As the DeFi space continues to evolve, and Spark Protocol remain at the forefront; from expanded token pair offerings to innovative strategies like the sDAI Yield Loop and the essential Stop-Loss Protection feature, these features cater to every DeFi user looking for an excellent experience while dealing with their positions.

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