New Metamorpho Vaults on

New Metamorpho Vaults on

Today, we are adding new Earn alternatives with fresh Metamorpho Vaults. These vaults are curated jointly by Block Analitica and B.Protocol, two of the most prominent players in the DeFi risk management space.

Why is this important to you?

Block Analitca and B.Protocol have chosen the most advantageous Morpho markets for lending. They provide a yield that surpasses the risk-free rate for stablecoins and delivers a considerable yield on ETH. This is achieved with considerably lower risk than other lending protocols such as Compound or Aave. You can deposit USDC, USDT, or ETH into these newly established vaults and receive $MORPHO rewards and the APY. On you can see your earnings to date and the 30-day yield average. 

How to start

Go to, choose the Vault that fits your requirements, and deposit your chosen stablecoin or LST for the ETH vault, experiencing little to no swap fees. The process is streamlined and tailored for ease of use.

How does it work?

Depositing into Metamorpho Vaults is exceptionally simple and efficient due to the integration with the ERC-4626 standard for yield-bearing tokens. Whether creating a DeFi Smart account for the first time or utilizing an existing one, the procedure is crafted to be as clear-cut as possible, with the friendly UX that characterizes

Migrating your Aave or Compound position

You can enhance your existing yield by seamlessly transferring your Aave and Compound lending positions directly into the Metamorpho Vaults within a single transaction. Simply pick them from the dropdown menu, decide how much you wish to deposit, and start earning additional token rewards on top of your yield.

Getting in touch

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