Morpho Blue joins Base with

Morpho Blue joins Base with

We are thrilled to announce the integration of Morpho Blue on Base, a new expansion of the lending market that allows our users to explore innovative lending designs.

Morpho Blue, a pioneering trustless lending protocol, is setting new standards in the industry with its unparalleled efficiency and adaptability. By leveraging Morpho Blue's permissionless infrastructure on Base, presents users with an exceptional opportunity to engage with lending markets in a novel way.

In the initial phase, the platform will focus on supporting crucial asset pairs such as ETH/USDC, CBETH/ETH, and WSTETH/USDC on Base. This carefully curated selection addresses the core requirements of the DeFi community, enabling users to effortlessly borrow and multiply interest on these widely-used assets with just 1 click. SummerFi's collaboration with Morpho Blue on Base goes beyond simply enhancing existing systems; it aims to revolutionize how users interact with decentralized finance, and we will be offering our automations as soon as liquidity develops. 

Unlocking Possibilities with and Morpho Blue on Base

You can enjoy our existing one-click multiply, combined borrow and repay actions, best-in-class PnL, history, and more on Base, taking advantage of Base's quick block times and cheap gas costs. 

As a reminder, Morpho Blue introduces a groundbreaking trustless base layer for decentralized lending, enabling the creation of isolated lending markets for any asset. With a strong emphasis on efficiency and flexibility, Morpho Blue offers borrowers

Enhanced LTVs: Morpho Blue's isolated markets eliminate the need to consider the riskiest asset in a multi-asset pool. Each market's liquidation parameters are tailored to the specific loan and collateral assets, enabling higher liquidation LTV ratios.

Expanded market options: Morpho Blue's permissionless asset listing on Base allows for creating markets with diverse collateral and loan assets, along with customizable risk parametrization. This unlocks liquidity for assets not available elsewhere.

Optimized interest rates: Collateral assets are not lent out to borrowers, resulting in higher capital utilization. Additionally, Morpho Blue's autonomous nature eliminates the need for platform maintenance and risk manager fees.

Reduced gas costs: Morpho Blue's elegantly simple singleton contract, consisting of only 650 lines of code, minimizes logic and storage footprint. As a result, actions on Morpho Blue are extremely gas efficient. 

The future unfolds on Base, with more offerings on Base users can continue to enjoy on chain summer and where else that would be than in 

You can access Morpho Blue on Base today!

At SummerFi, we are committed to delivering the best experience to borrow in DeFi and nurturing a vibrant community. As we get ready for some exciting new launches, start using Morpho Blue on Base today.

Our vision for is to establish it as the premier platform for lending and borrowing within the DeFi space on Base. This integration with Morpho Blue, a key player in the industry, propels us closer to that goal.

Stay tuned. We have more exciting news this week.

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