Keep your Aave Positions Protected with

Keep your Aave Positions Protected with

Aave is one of the original lending markets on Ethereum. Its total value locked has grown tremendously and remains a steady beast.

If you are not familiar with Aave yet, here are three things you should know about this lending market:

  1. Your collateral in Aave can be used by others who are borrowing. Giving you a percentage on your collateral as well. Therefore, Aave often has reasonable net rates.
  2. Aave is governed by the Aave DAO. New token listings, the variable interest rate function, and the pausing and freezing of assets are decided by the Aave community and its tokenholders.
  3. Aave v3 is on multiple networks. With billions available on L2s like Arbitrum, Optimism, and Base, they make DeFi accessible by keeping the transaction low-cost on the L2s.

What can you do with Aave?

To start using Aave on Summer, you begin by choosing the pair you are interested in. In the future, we will also allow you to choose how many collateral and debt tokens you want to use.

Summer splits it up per use case:

  • Borrow is the most vanilla experience, depositing collateral and withdrawing the debt token to your wallet.
  • Multiply allows you to do a single transaction to go long or short in the pair they have chosen.
  • Earn is where you can find strategies to go long on the staking yield like wstETH/ETH.
Automated Aave Position

Why should you use Summer to access Aave?
Funds secured by Aave protocol
No additional fees for borrowing
Layer 2s available
Many pairs
Earn on supplied assets
Automated Stop loss protection
1-tx closing without capital
Increase or decrease collateral exposure up to 10x in 1 tx
Enhance staking yield with yield loop
Automated Buys & Sells
Analyze trends with comprehensive history and PnL
Multiple isolated positions on the same network
Use more protocols in the same app

If you want to watch the whole story about why Aave is #BetterOnSummer, watch Frank's video:

Security in

At, security isn't just a priority; it's at the heart of everything we do. Our team, deeply experienced in DeFi, has developed a robust security framework that includes tight, smart contract security, proactive bug bounty programs, and thorough audits. We're all about keeping things fully non-custodial, and our automation is set in stone - no upgrades, no changes.

At Summer, we genuinely care about the DeFi community and believe in the power of immutability to keep your assets safe and sound.

Article written by Frank Brinkkemper.

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