Introducing Earn

Introducing Earn

Today is moving its first step towards making it easier for you to earn on your assets.

The products for Earn, as we are calling it, are curated DeFi-products that easily put your deposits in a position to earn a yield. Earn is a full self-custody solution for entering and exiting yield positions so you will always stay in control of your funds.

Why Earn?

We have noticed and appreciated the love of our users for our integration with GUNI, where you are able to deposit DAI and get into a 50x multiplied liquidity providing position on Uniswap v3 DAI/USDC pools.

At we want to provide users with more curated experiences to take advantage of the best strategies in DeFi.

No matter the market conditions, you will be able to earn with Earn.

The first release

In this first release we:

  • Provided a new entrance for Earn, and the GUNI products.
  • Updated the product cards to provide you with the best overview on your earn situation: they showcase the current 7 day & 90 day annualized net yields.
  • Updated the ‘Your Positions’ page, to now only show you these positions as Earn positions, but also give you more insight into what you can do with the assets in your wallet on in the new top 5 assets and positions section.

Let us know what you think

Although this is just the first step into this new product, we would love to know what you think!

Tell us what kind of strategies you believe we should support in the future and which protocol has a sustainable yield, but could benefit from the UX of Come chat to us on our Discord.

Getting help

If you have any questions regarding in general, you contact us at or on our social media.

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