AJNA Unleashed: Welcome to the Lite UI

AJNA Unleashed: Welcome to the Lite UI

Until now, you can access Ajna pools on Summer.fi that we have selected and curated. With the release of Lite UI we are providing you with the full power of Ajna’s permissionless architecture. You can now search for any pool, but not only that, you can create your Ajna pool in seconds!

What is Lite UI?

As a permissionless lending protocol, Ajna can be used to borrow and lend against almost anything. This is the unlimited power of the protocol we offer now in our Lite UI. Any pool can be displayed in the Lite UI, meaning all information in the positions will be derived from the protocol itself, this will allow you to know all about the Ajna market and can be used to lend and borrow in any tokens.

Summer.fi will continue to curate Ajna pools. This means that for the Summer.fi curated pools, you will have an enhanced UI and market price data.

But this is not all: You access any ERC-20 token pool that exists on Ajna Protocol and you now you can create your very own Ajna pool!

Since Ajna is permissionless any token can be borrowed or lent. Make sure you understand the specific risks of each token! The fun part is, you don’t need to ask anyone’s permission or put forward any governance proposal to create a pool. Create your pool and use it, not in weeks or days, but in seconds!

Our Multiply feature will only be available for curated pools, but any pool can become a part of our curated selection with the enhanced UI.

Want your pool to be enhanced and get extra exposure to your assets in 1-click?

Getting help

If you have any questions regarding Summer.fi in general, contact us at support@summer.fi or on our social media.


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