Holding Your ETH vs Using Summer.fi

Holding Your ETH vs Using Summer.fi

The non-custodial wallet is one of the best parts about crypto. You can be the true owner of your assets and be in full control.

With some non custodial wallets like Safe by Gnosis you can even have access to multi-signature non custodial wallets that make your assets that much more secure.

Don’t stop your ETH journey there!

Non Custodial Wallets are the best place to start for holding your ETH, but they shouldn’t be where you stop.

The essence of non custodial crypto isn't solely rooted in ownership; it's a gateway to untapped potential and opportunities.

Storing and sending your assets are just the basics.

Your ETH and any other digital wealth can accomplish far more, a reality that many often overlook due to the comfort provided by wallets, despite some offering features like staking directly in the wallet.

What if you could do much more than just store and send your assets from the place you hold them?

What could be better than your wallet?

Secure storage of your non custodial wallet, with access to all of the best DeFi has to offer.

Summer.fi gives you all the safety of your non custodial wallet while keeping you prepared to take advantage of all that DeFi has to offer.

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Unlike regular non-custodial wallets, Summer.fi not only secures your digital assets but also handpicks the best of DeFi protocols for you, streamlining the search for DeFi protocols you can trust, and making them simple and intuitive to use.

With Summer.fi, your crypto journey becomes a menu of the best DeFi options.

It serves as the gateway, the access point, that transforms your non-custodial wallet into a wallet with Super Powers, leading you to the most promising and sustainable opportunities that DeFi has to offer.


Summer.fi turns your non-custodial wallet into a unified app for easy access to handpicked DeFi protocols, smart strategies, and vital tools that let you set and forget everything you don’t want to do - from managing risk to figuring out where to bridge assets.

The best entry point to turn your non custodial wallet into something much more powerful in DeFi, is to hold your assets in summer.fi/earn positions.

These utilize the lowest risk yields like DSR, Staked Eth and AAVE Deposits - so that you can earn on your assets while you wait for the best curated DeFi protocol or strategy that suits you.

Want to learn more?

The team will be more than happy to help! Reach us on Discord or Twitter, or visit our Knowledge Base.

*Always keep in mind that there are some risk connected to these activities.

Getting help

If you have any questions regarding Summer.fi in general, you contact us at support@summer.fi or on our social media.


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