Getting the most out of Multiply

Getting the most out of Multiply

Multiply on is the simplest way to amplify your exposure to crypto collateral. With just one transaction, you can achieve 2x, 3x, or even 4x exposure to an asset you are bullish on. Now, let's review some bullet points to get the most out of Multiply!

Maximizing Your Multiply Position on

Here are five strategies to get the most out of your Multiply position on

  1. Filtering Down to Exactly What’s Right for You
  2. Protecting Your Downside with Automations
  3. Getting Familiar with Key Data
  4. Seizing Opportunities with One-Transaction Actions
  5. Automating Good Decisions with Automation

The first step to maximizing your Multiply position is choosing the right one. makes this super simple by allowing you to:

  • Compare Protocols: Filter key variables such as blue chip assets, projects with longevity (Lindy effect), or those with a Total Value Locked (TVL) greater than $1 billion.
  • Compare Key Metrics: Assess borrow rates and maximum multiples across various protocols.

Automating Your Multiply Position

The second step is automating your position so you won't need to worry about steep market moves while you're away:

  • Stop-Loss and Trailing Stop-Loss: These features eliminate the risk of ruin by automatically closing your position at a price set by you.
  • Auto-Sell: Gradually reduce risk automatically when the market sells off.
  • Auto Buy: Automate when you want to increase your exposure.
  • Auto Take Profit: Automate your exit strategy and avoid the delusion of infinite gains.

Leveraging Key Data

Only on can you access simple, useful, and accurate data that you can easily act on for your position:

  • Profit and Loss: Know how much you have made or lost in collateral and USD.
  • Buying Power: Understand how much more you can buy in both USD and collateral terms.
  • Exposure: See your current multiple clearly displayed.

Increasing and Decreasing Exposure

Increasing or decreasing your exposure is always just one transaction away. The power of Multiply lies in the simplicity of one transaction to manage your exposure. This makes managing risk straightforward and seizing market opportunities effortless.


Now you know how to take advantage of the bull run with Multiply on

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