Move your Spark Position to and get Stop-Loss Protection & more!

Move your Spark Position to and get Stop-Loss Protection & more!

Today, we deliver 4 (four!!) automations for your Spark position!

These new releases will let you automate entirely your position, on the upside and or the downside, and you’ll never miss again any opportunity to cut your losses, or profit more!

Starting today, you can equip your position with the following automations:

  • Auto-Buy
  • Auto-Sell
  • Trailing Stop-Loss
  • Stop-Loss

These automations are already live in, but now they’re also available for your favorite protocol, Spark. 

Let’s shortly go over them:

Auto-Buy: A vault's collateralization ratio is reduced by generating DAI, which is exchanged for more collateral. This is useful in a bull market to increase exposure to the rising value of collateral. Users can maintain their desired collateralization ratio by swapping generated Dai for collateral, enhancing their investment potential.

Auto-Sell: Auto-Sell increases your vault's collateralization ratio by automatically repaying its debt, reducing risk without closing the vault. You can use Auto-Sell and Auto-Buy together, along with Stop-Loss protection, to prevent liquidation and maintain your vault's collateralization ratio within set boundaries.

Trailing Stop-Loss: A trailing stop loss represents an evolving type of stop-loss order that shifts in response to the fluctuating prices of your asset. In contrast to the conventional stop loss set at a predetermined price, a trailing stop loss adapts to changes in market price, providing a more adaptable method for managing risk.

Stop-Loss: Automated Stop-Loss by enables you to avoid liquidation by setting a minimum acceptable collateralization ratio for your position. If the ratio drops to or below this threshold, it triggers a Stop-Loss action. You can close your Vault to collateral or DAI, protecting against further losses if the collateral's price declines.

For you as a user, automations significantly shift towards a more hands-off yet highly effective approach to managing your positions. With tools like Auto-Buy, Auto-Sell, and Automated Stop-Loss, you can set up your strategy once and then step back, knowing that your positions are managed around the clock according to predefined rules and conditions. This means you can relax and focus on other aspects of your life without constantly monitoring market fluctuations or manually adjusting your positions.

You can find all the detailed information on Automations in our docs:

And that's not all; the opportunities just got bigger and better! You now have the golden chance to Migrate your Spark position over to, setting yourself up perfectly to take advantage of the bullish momentum of the market 🐂.

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