Choosing the Best Earn Position for your Strategy

Choosing the Best Earn Position for your Strategy

How do I choose the best Earn position?

Now that you know why to Earn, the question becomes which Earn position is right for you.

In short, you should decide on a pair based on 6 factors:

  1. Asset Selection: Which asset do you want to deposit and earn in?
  2. Active or Passive?: Do you want to manage the position or not?
  3. Token rewards: Do you care about earning token rewards as part of the yield?

This guide will help you assess these four factors, and ultimately, allow you to confidently choose the right Earn position for you.

How to choose a deposit asset

Asset Selection: Which asset do you want to deposit and earn in?

“What assets do I want to earn on?”

The first thing you need to do is determine which asset you want to deposit and earn in. This might be as simple as the asset you have in your wallet. For example, if you have 50 ETH in your wallet, you might only want to earn on that ETH. In the situation that you only want to deposit to a specific asset, simply select only that asset to deposit.


You might have multiple assets that you want to deposit, or you might not care about slight variations in a similar asset (e.g., ETH vs. stETH or cbETH). In this case, simply select all the deposit tokens that you might want to earn with.


If you don’t care about the asset you deposit but want to see only the highest-quality and most trusted assets, our “bluechip asset” tag makes that easy.


How to know if you want to earn passively or actively

Active or Passive?: Do you want to manage the position or not?

Now that you know what asset you want to deposit, the next decision is possibly the most consequential.

Do you want to manage a position for potentially higher returns? or have a set and forget passive yield strategy?

There is no right or wrong answer here and its purely personal preference.

If you are more inclined towards Passive strategies, you want management to be easy. Simply select the Easiest to manage tag, which will only surface passive strategies.


On the other hand, if you are more inclined towards active strategies, you can do so in one of two ways.

The first is through Yield Loops, which makes easy to view by simply clicking the Yield Loop tab. Then, you can select either ETH Derivative yield loops or Stablecoin Strategy yield loops.


You might be wondering why there are so many yield loop options, to help you choose one, we’ve put together a separate guide entitled, *understanding Yield Loops.*

The other active strategy that you can engage in is LPing, for these active yield strategies simply select the “LP” tab.

Deciding whether you want token rewards

All else being equal, token rewards are simply bonus yield denominated in speculative tokens. Whether you want to base your entire yield strategy on the presence of token rewards is up to you.

Although, a great practice is to simply check if it also happens to have token rewards available. makes this really easy by simply navigating to Token Rewards tab, where all positions listed include token rewards.


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