Choosing the perfect Earn strategy for you

Choosing the perfect Earn strategy for you

As a crypto holder, you're faced with an important decision - do you let your assets languish in your wallet or put them to work earning yields? The passive approach of just holding seems safe, but it means watching your assets potentially decay in value over time. On the other hand, many active earning strategies require intense management and monitoring that most of us don't have time for.

And this is where comes in! By providing you with a big suite of protocols and features to earn sustainable crypto yields in a way that fits your personal preferences and risk tolerance. No more FOMO about missing out on gains, and no more gambling on risky, overexposed positions.

Set and forget

If you’re on the lazy side of the curve or just don’t have time to manage complex strategies, deposit your stablecoins and immediately start earning compounding yields, no maintenance required. It's like getting paid for being patient! As you accumulate yields over time, you can reinvest them into new positions or shift gears into more active strategies. To find these strategies, just head to, and choose the “Stablecoin Strategies” filter, you will find several alternatives which you can keep narrowing down with other filters or manually, until you find the perfect fit.


Step up your earning potential with Yield Loops

Yield loop strategies boost your earnings by increasing exposure to a yield-generating asset. You deposit the yield asset and borrow a similar non-yield asset. Repeating this "loop" multiplies your position in the yield asset, amplifying the yields earned without excessive risk. Responsibly amplify your ETH or stablecoin exposure while still harvesting bonus yields. It's a great way to multiply your holdings during those frustrating crab markets without overdoing the risk.

Getting paid (in tokens) to earn yield

Token farming is one of the original incentive models in DeFi, and it's pretty straightforward. Protocols reward you with tokens simply for providing liquidity or holding certain assets. If you're bullish on a particular DeFi protocol that offers token rewards, then parking some funds there can be a great way to earn while supporting a project you believe in. makes browsing and taking advantage of these token farming opportunities easy across various protocols. 

Check out our token rewards section to get started:

Finding the perfect DeFi product for you

With such a versatile range of Earn opportunities, you're probably wondering: "But which one is right for me?" The beauty is you get to decide based on your particular situation and preferences. Simply ask yourself:

  • What crypto assets am I currently holding?
  • Do I want a completely hands-off approach or an active management role?
  • Am I motivated by those token reward incentives?

By asking yourself these questions, you will find the perfect Earn position on

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