Automate your Morpho Blue Position on

Automate your Morpho Blue Position on

Today is a big day for Morpho Blue on

Morpho isn't just better on—it's safer, smarter, and more efficient. With just-added protection automations like Stop-Loss to protect your assets from liquidation, and optimization automations like Auto Take-Profit to plan your exit strategy, you can sleep confidently knowing that your positions are secure.

What's new?

We're rolling out 5 automations for Morpho. This update is packed with tools designed to streamline and secure your DeFi strategies:

Auto-Buy: A position’s loan-to-value ratio increases by generating debt, which is exchanged for more collateral.

Auto-Sell: Auto-Sell decreases your position’s loan-to-value by automatically repaying its debt, reducing risk without closing the vault. You can use Auto-Sell and Auto-Buy together, along with Stop-Loss protection, to prevent liquidation and maintain your position’s Loan-to-value within set boundaries.

Auto Take Profit: It works by monitoring the market price of your positions collateral relative to your *Minimum Realize Profit Starting Price (*the price you set to begin realizing profits) and its relative LTV.

Once that price or LTV is reached, our Smart Contract Automation executes a trigger and withdraws collateral from your position and sends either the collateral or debt token to your wallet. The amount of which is determined by the Withdrawal Step you set, which is defaulted to 5%, but customizable.

Trailing Stop-Loss: A trailing stop loss represents an evolving type of stop-loss order that shifts in response to the fluctuating prices of your asset. In contrast to the conventional stop loss set at a predetermined price, a trailing stop loss adapts to changes in market price, providing a more adaptable method for managing risk.

Stop-Loss: This enables you to avoid liquidation by setting a minimum acceptable loan-to-value for your position. If the ratio drops to or below this threshold, it triggers a Stop-Loss action, which will close your position,

How to start?

You can now fully automate your Morpho Blue positions on Whether you're looking to capitalize on market upsides or protect against downsides, we've got you covered.

Getting started is simple. Log into your portfolio to check your existing positions or set up a new one with automations enabled. It's easy, secure, and ready for you. Our automations operate through smart contract triggers that you set once and forget. These are only activated when necessary, and you only pay a Summer fee if the automations are triggered, ensuring that our interests align with yours.

Why is Morpho #BetterOnSummer?

Our automations are immutable, audited, and battle-tested. They work around the clock to manage your positions, ensuring you're always optimized for the best possible outcomes without ever needing to micromanage your investments. Once you set up your automated strategy you won’t have to worry about liquidations, or missing the profits!

All the information about Automations on our docs:

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