Ajna Will Be Soon Back on Summer.fi With Token Rewards!

Ajna Will Be Soon Back on Summer.fi With Token Rewards!

With the highly awaited relaunch of Ajna just around the corner, we're excited to share some vital updates. This blog post will guide you through the updates on $AJNA token rewards. 

Moreover, the latest iteration of Ajna not only retains all the existing features of the protocol but also introduces a more streamlined liquidation mechanism. To fully grasp these developments, we encourage you to visit the Ajna website and explore our refreshed knowledge base.

Important information about $AJNA rewards

  • Continuity of Old Rewards: We are pleased to announce that the rewards accumulated in the previous version of the protocol will still be counted. Your hard-earned rewards are safe and will be carried over into the new system.
  • New Layer 2 Rewards: In the revamped Ajna, we're introducing rewards at selected pools in layer 2. This means more opportunities for earning as you interact with our platform.
  • Exclusive Rewards for Early Adopters: To show our appreciation for the users who have been with us from the beginning, exclusive rewards are being offered to our early adopters. Thank you for your continued support and trust in Ajna.

Rewards allocation

  • For Lenders: Rewards are focused on deposits within the 'active liquidity' zone, which refers to funds actively used in the pool. Deposits in 'available' or 'unutilized' liquidity are not eligible. For example, if the weekly reward pool is 1000 Ajna Tokens and you contribute 1,000 tokens (10%) of 10,000 active liquidity tokens for five days, you could earn around 71.4 Ajna Tokens. Rewards increase as more tokens become active.
  • For Borrowers: Rewards are based on the amount of weekly tokens borrowed. All borrowers are treated equally, borrowing from a shared pool. However, the system favors lenders more to ensure sufficient liquidity. Rewards accumulate weekly and can be claimed every seven days, with the total earnings claimable once the tokens are released.

We update the token amounts and pool weights weekly, which remain fixed for that week. This could change in subsequent weeks as we aim to enhance liquidity across various pools.

The initial pools include:

  • rETH/DAI: 80,000 AJNA weekly with 60% rewards for lenders and 40% for borrowers
  • wBTC/DAI: : 56,000 AJNA weekly (60%/40%)
  • wstETH/DAI: 56,000 AJNA weekly (60%/40%)
  • ETH/USDC: 56,000 AJNA weekly (60%/40%)
  • wBTC/USDC: 64,000 AJNA weekly (60%/40%)
  • wstETH/USDC:  64,000 AJNA weekly (60%/40%)
  • USDC/ETH: 32,000 AJNA weekly (60%/40%)
  • USDC/wBTC: 32,000 AJNA weekly (60%/40%)
  • wstETH/ETH: 80,000 AJNA weekly 95% rewards for lenders and 5% for borrowers
  • rETH/ETH: 80,000 AJNA weekly (95%/5%)
  • sDAI/USDC: 32,000AJNA weekly  (95%/5%)

BASE pools:

  • cbETH/ETH: 40,000 AJNA  (95%/5%)
  • ETH/USDC: 48,000 AJNA (60%/40%)
  • WSTETH/ETH: 32,000 AJNA (95%/5%)

We'll update you on any changes to the pools and distributions through our communication channels.

Are your old rewards still valid?

Yes, they are! Any rewards you accumulated up until the day we discontinued the rewards program will remain valid. You can view these in the user interface, and they will be available for claiming once the token is released here https://summer.fi/ajna/rewards

Bonus Token Rewards for Early Adopters

We're launching a 'Bonus Token Rewards' initiative exclusively for our early adopters. Those who engaged with the Ajna protocol through Summer.fi before the 'griefing factor' was identified will be part of a unique token distribution. Over 6 weeks, we'll distribute 5 million Ajna Tokens exclusively to early adopters. The pools participating will be the same as the ones that have the normal distribution, weighted in the same manner. Any weight or pool change will also affect this bonus token distribution. 

As we conclude, we're thrilled about the future of Ajna and hope you share our enthusiasm. Your active participation is key to making the most of these new opportunities. 

Thank you for being a vital part of the Ajna community. Here's to an exciting journey ahead!

Getting in touch

If you have any questions regarding Summer.fi, contact us at support@summer.fi or our social media.




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