Ajna is now LIVE on Summer.fi

Ajna is now LIVE on Summer.fi

We are happy to announce that today we integrated another protocol: Ajna, a peer-to-peer, permissionless, noncustodial lending and borrowing system.

This integration allows you to borrow and lend on assets not typically available on other DeFi protocols, setting your terms. Ajna's unique design has enabled you to create pools for the assets you want, filling gaps in the market that competitors need to catch up on. You can now access Ajna through Summer.fi.

What is Ajna?

Ajna is based on a peer-to-peer lending system that enables users to lend their cryptocurrency and borrow it at market-driven rates. The protocol is designed to be completely decentralized, allowing users to create and manage their own lending and borrowing pools. Ajna uses smart contracts to manage liquidity, interest rates, and liquidations. Loans on Ajna are perpetual and do not expire. You can learn more in our documentation or on Ajna’s website.

What can I do with Ajna?

Ajna protocol allows you to create new pools, and participate in liquidation auctions, liquidation bonds, reserve auctions, and grants programs. The Summer.fi integration offers a well-designed user experience and access to select pools and functionalities. Ajna's app provides access to all of the protocol's basic functionality!

Who is it for?

Ajna's target markets and users include those borrowing against any cryptocurrency, borrowing against NFTs, money markets, and short markets. Ajna's permissionless pool creation, no protocol governance, and no price feeds make it less risky. The absence of protocol-level governance and dependency on external price feeds gives users the advantage of a more secure system.

This new addition to Summer.fi will expand your investment alternatives beyond your imagination!

Try Ajna on Summer.fi now: https://summer.fi/ajna

Getting in touch

If you have any questions regarding Summer.fi, contact us at support@summer.fi or our social media.




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